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Netflix Drops New Trailer For ‘The Outlaws’ Starring Adam Devine

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Let’s be honest, meeting our future in-laws can sometimes be scary, but who knew they might even come to your place of work and rob the bank that you manage.

Owen Browning (Adam Devine) and Parker (Nina Dobrev), are soon to be future husband and wife in this movie.

Just days before their wedding, Parker’s parents are able to make it to the ceremony after all, which sounds like a good thing right?

You would think it’s a good thing that your soon-to-be in-laws can come to the wedding but in this bizarre occasion, the answer would be no because Parker’s parents have only caused trouble since they arrived in town.

Courtesy of @netflix

When Owen’s bank is robbed by what they call the Ghost Bandits, Owen has reason that his future in-laws committed the crime.

His evidence?

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Well he may have accidentally told Parker’s mom Lily, played by Ellen Barkin, the voice activation code that’s required to enter the vault while he was drunk.

And then there’s also the fact that Lily and Billy, (Parker’s parents) stole five million dollars from another character in the film who now holds Parker hostage until the money is returned.

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So if you thought wedding days were stressful, try dealing with a bank robbery where you work and your fiancé held hostage during the week of your wedding.

Therefore in an effort to save his fiancé, Owen decides to help Parker’s parents rob a bank.

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That’s right, the bank manager decides to rob a bank himself, ironic right?

The only question is, will he be successful to save Parker?

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The Out-Laws releases to Netflix next month on July 7.

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