This Viral Video of Anne Hathaway Dancing is Pure Joy

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Anne Hathaway can clearly party!

Courtesy of @annexgallery

A recent TikTok has most recently taken over the internet captured Anne Hathaway dancing and singing to “Lady Marmalade” at the Sundance Film Festival.

Courtesy of @annehathaway

The video, filmed by TikToker @kerosenne shows Hathaway dancing like nobody was watching on the dance floor, while casually singing and flipping her hair back and forth to the popular song.

Courtesy of @kerosenne

The video which currently stands at almost 20 million views has the internet in a frenzy over Anne Hathaway’s partying spirits!

Courtesy of @kerosenne

“That’s the Queen of Genovia right there,” one user wrote.

Courtesy of @kerosenne

“My toxic trait is thinking I look this good when dancing and singing along,” another TikToker commented.

Courtesy of @kerosenne

And it wasn’t just her dance moves that took over the internet, but it was also what she wore to the after party which included a decked outfit covered in a bedazzled leopard-print from head to toe.

Courtesy of @annexgallery

Anne Hathaway is clearly living her best life!

Courtesy of @kerosenne

You can watch the video here.

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