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Bloody Eyeliner Is The Hot New Trend For Fall and The Look Will Definitely Turn Heads

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I have ZERO ideas what to dress up as for Halloween this year, but this totally caught my eye and I think this may be part of what I do.

Bloody eyeliner has the perfect creep factor for greeting and treating trick-or-treaters at my door, just enough creep factor without being too over the top scary for the little ghouls and boos!

I’m not the best at makeup, but that is totally ok because this is slashed-up eyelids… there is no perfection needed to achieve the look!

Drips, and splatters of blood… smudges… whatevs… It’s all good when it’s blood!

If you are skilled at makeup, I bet you could make this bloody eyeliner look totally over the top creepy and glamorous at the same time.

You’ll need a few makeup items to pull it off, but I found everything you need right on Amazon.

If you are going for glamour gore, you’ll want to have some glitter right?


There is a cosmetic grade extra fine loose glitter powder called GLITTIES, you’ll want to get the color called Obsession.


You’ll also need a really red pencil eyeliner, like the Mehron Makeup ProPencil Slim in Really Bright Red.


Another great item to have on hand is the Mehron Makeup StarBlend Cake in RED which is a pressed powder makeup.


Then of course you need something to give you that realistic drip for the blood and gore running down your face… Graftobian Blood Gel is perfect for this!


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