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I Am Unapologetically A ‘Cheugy’ and You Probably Are Too

I just learned today that I’m considered a ‘cheugy‘ and if you’re a woman 30 years or older, you probably are too.

You see, Gen Z is at it again with the stereotypes and name calling.

Apparently, millennial women are now considered to be a “cheugy” and that is meant to describe that woman is being basic, untrendy, out of date or trying too hard.


But you know what? I have a newsflash for you Gen Zers that use this term… I don’t give a f*** about what you think.

You can call me basic, boring, untrendy and anything else you want to call me. I’ll wear that shit title with pride.


Because for one, I don’t care what anyone thinks (although I really think Gen Z should focus more on their own lives instead of the lives of others).

Secondly, I decided that what makes me happy, makes me happy.

So what if I like Target and all their colorful, bright and fun home decor. Have you been inside Target without kids? It’s magical.

Who cares if I love Rae Dunn quotes on my coffee mugs that serve as little reminders to be awesome or live happy. Being an adult is STRESSFUL and sometimes I just need a little reminder of the badass that I am.


Yes, I love pumpkin spice and modern farmhouse decor. Okay, seriously, who doesn’t these days?

Oh, and yeah, I wear skinny jeans. Just wait until you become a mom and your booty is not the tight little thing that it once was. Skinny jeans make that mom booty look niiiiicceeee!

Side parts in my hair √
I love Disney and I’m an adult √
Graphic tees √
Decorative wooden signs in my home √

Yup, I guess I am just the definition of a “chugey”.

But the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what I like, I like it for a reason.

I don’t tend to follow trends because if I did, I’d need to keep up with the constantly changing terms and trends with Gen Z.

Y’all change trends like you change underwear (and I hope you change your underwear often).

I like what I like and that’s it.

If I don’t like it, I don’t like it.

So, there, call me a chugey or whatever, I am not apologizing for being me and if you’re considered a chugey too, you shouldn’t either.


Thursday 29th of July 2021

"I don't care that i'm being called cheugy!" writes an entire article about being called cheugy.