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10 Exercises For Senior Adults Who Are Stuck Inside

You guys asked for it, and we heard your cry!

I understand the struggle for senior citizens, and the need to get in good exercise. I have so many elderly friends that walk at the mall, or go to the YMCA to workout. Now, unfortunately, these resources have been closed.

Please share this with elderly individuals who may need it.

Here Are 10 Exercises Good For Older Adults

1) Seated Exercises For Older Adults

Courtesy of Dartmouth-Hitchcock

2) Standing Exercises For Adults

Courtesy of Dartmouth-Hitchcock

3) Gentle Chair Yoga

Courtesy of Cara Kircher

4) Easy Exercises To Do While Sitting

Courtesy of Ascension Via Christi

5) 15-Minute Sample Workout For Adults

Courtesy of National Institute on Aging

6) Senior Fitness Workout

Courtesy of Tona Barnes

7) 20-Minute Sample Workout For Adults

Courtesy of National Institute on Aging

8) Standing Exercises For Senior Adults

Courtesy of The Sunflower Channel

9) Balance Exercises

Courtesy of Future Life Now

10) 7 Balance Exercises For Seniors To Prevent Falls

Courtesy of Bob & Brad

Jonson Manar

Friday 1st of January 2021

I think that the sport I have chosen is important for immunity and a healthy body, especially for the elderly because they are most in need I would like to add also Water aerobics for elderly sport is very important as well