Wide Calf Boots That Actually Fit

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Chunky legged girls unite, because we have found THE BEST wide calf, tall boots that actually fit. I am obsessed with boots, but have tiny feet, and that means that for some reason boot manufacturers think that means I also have tiny legs, too.

Well, since that’s not how feet work, I have to scour the world for awesome boots that I can actually wear, and because I am nice, I want to share with you what I’ve found!

This post contains affiliate links.

Wide Calf Boots That Fit Plus Sized Girls

I am obsessed with these black boots, they have a slight heel and a big awesome rubber panel in the back. Oh, and they look super cute with a skirt OR leggings. You can get them here.

Torrid is like the gold standard when it comes to edgy plus-sized clothes, and over half of my wardrobe is from there, but these boots are some of my favorites. I especially like the lace up because you can loosen them to your liking. You can get them here.

These boots have a hidden stretch panel on the inside of the leg so you won’t even see it, but it gives some extra growing room for the ‘ol legs. You can get them here.

If you’re a brown boot kind of girl (and who isn’t?) then these super cute ultra stretchy brown boots were meant to be yours. You can get them here.

And of course, no wide calf boot list would be complete without the PERFECT rain boot. You can get them here.

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