These Drawings of Baby Yoda Eating Disney Snacks Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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Is Baby Yoda ever NOT the cutest thing in the entire universe?

j_shari-ewing on Instagram

@j_shari_ewing on Instagram has drawn the absolute CUTEST illustrations of Baby Yoda eating his, and OUR, favorite Disney snacks. They are so adorable, I almost can’t stand it!


It’s fitting. Baby Yoda is part of the Star Wars Universe, and Star Wars is part of the Disney family. I LOVE IT!


Ok let’s get this lil squishy series rollin! I couldn’t help it, I have to do a “Baby Yoda Eats” series cause I’m munchy and I can’t handle how cute it is!

@j_shari_ewing on Instagram

He is indulging on all the Disney favorites! Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars, Mickey Mouse Waffles, Churros, A Dole Whip, A Turkey Leg, A Mickey Pretzel, Disney Popcorn, A Mickey Beignet, And Blue Milk — I’m going to be honest — I’m a self-proclaimed DisNerd, and I’m not sure what Blue Milk is. Ha!


If you can get it in one of the Disney Parks, he is eating it in this “Baby Yoda Eats” Series.


Disney needs to pick up on these illustrations, and make us figurines of Baby Yoda Eats! I would totally get them for my Baby Yoda collection. Yes, I have a collection.


So fluffy, so puffy, so gooooooood. This lil goober is going to be a sticky mess, but it’s definitely worth it.

@j_shari_ewing on Instagram

A little research on the internet told me that this Blue Milk is a much-desired drink from Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. It is a berry and melon-flavored drink, made from rice milk. It’s sort like a smoothie. If it’s good enough for Baby Yoda, it’s good enough for me!


You can follow j-shari-ewing on Instagram, and be the first to see when she comes out with MORE Baby Yoda illustrations. I have her site bookmarked!


In the spirit of All Things Baby Yoda, you should totally check out this Baby Yoda Frappuccino from the Starbucks Secret Menu.

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