This Cocoa Puffs with Lucky Charms Marshmallows Cereal Will Make Your Mornings Cuckoo

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What leprechaun magic is this? Tasty Cocoa Puffs cereal made even yummier with Lucky Charms Marshmallows? YES, PLEASE!

Walmart has this magically delicious chocolate cereal in a GIANT 35 ounce bag! (It is also resealable — which is a MUST at my house!)

This Lucky Charms and Chocolate Cocoa Puffs Combo Bag appears to be a Walmart exclusive — but the GREAT news — this delicious mashup of cereal genius does NOT give the appearance of being a limited edition flavor.

Could it be that we will get this chocolatey concoction permanently? We are certainly crossing our fingers and toes.

Don’t you just LOVE how the Cocoa Puffs turn your milk to chocolate?!? That happens to be my favorite part.

Now, the best part of the Lucky Charm cereal — THE MARSHMALLOWS — will be floating in your leftover chocolate milk from the Cocoa Puffs!

This just might be the most perfect cereal ever.

This giant bag will cost you less than $6, and it has more than TWENTY FIVE servings per bag! That would last a whole three days in my house — my family is a little cereal obsessed.

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