Starburst Swirlers Chewy Sticks Are Coming And I Want Them Now

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Starburst candy learned my secret*.

I love to unwrap two flavors of Starburst candy, and shove them in my mouth at once. The combined flavors make a crazy-good mashup that send my tastebuds straight to heaven.

Coming in April on 2020, Starburst Swirlers will be hitting shelves.

These will be a rope-esque version of the chewy candies, that combine two of the super-yummy Starburst flavors in one tasty rope.

There will be a Cherry-Lemon flavor, a Strawberry-Orange flavor, and — sure to by MY favorite — a Cherry-Strawberry flavor!

I can’t believe that I will have to wait until APRIL to devour these! I want them NOW.

They would be perfect to hide in my purse to get at the Movie Theater when I see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

For now, I’ll just have to impatiently wait until April for these Starburst Swirlers.

They will be sold on the same aisle where you can currently find your Starburst candies now. Be on the lookout!

Until they drop in April, check out this crazy-good Starburst Yoplait Yogurt at your local grocery store.

*I actually had NOTHING to do with the creation of these crazy-good candies. It would be cool if I did, though!

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