Brooms Are Standing Up On Their Own. Here’s Why

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You guys, my mind is BLOWN… Brooms Are Standing Up On Their Own Today!!

Seriously, what is this wizardry?

Now, before you think I am pulling your leg, I actually tried this myself with a little help from my husband and to my surprise, it actually WORKED!

I tried it in our basement laundry room and in our upstairs kitchen and sure enough, both times the broom stood upright by itself.


What is happening? Brooms are standing up on their own today!!! #broomchallenge #brooms #nasa

♬ Harry Potter Theme Song – Ost

And no, I don’t have any ghosts in my house, at least not any cleaning ghosts.

So, why is this happening?

Well, apparently, it’s happening all over. Tons of Tweets and posts on Facebook prove brooms and even eggs, are standing upright on their own!

The reason? Well, some say that is has something to do with the gravity or the way the earth is titled right now. Although, I cannot find anywhere NASA confirms that.

Others say it happens every time we have a Spring Equinox (but that doesn’t happen until March).

Of course, some are saying it has nothing to do with gravity and more the way the broom bristles sit but I don’t know about that one…

And finally, people say it can be done anytime of the year for no reason at all.

While we may never know the real reason, it is really cool so go give it a try and see if works!

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  1. Better her curiosity than your rudeness and arrogance.

  2. I disagree its rude. Who care whatever the explanation is for the brooms standing on their own. Its new and fun to them. Don’t go popping someone’s happy bubble because you have a chip on your shoulder and have to prove something. Especially to people you don’t even know on social media. Wow…… Sad…..

  3. This just proves none of y’all use a broom on a daily LLS cause I make mine stand everyday after I sweep

  4. You can do this any time of year… horrible click bait..

  5. It basic physics is the explanation, then please explain how I just did this with an EGG.

  6. So the broom bristles sitting the broom upright seems wrong to you? What’s your IQ at? Have you reached the double digits yet? In either age or IQ points? That was hands down the dumbest thing I have read to date did you even think before typing one word or what?

  7. This explained nothing you swamp cow. Terrible click bait.

    1. I agree with this commentor. Thanks for wasting our time. You are the human equivalent of touching something wet on the floor of a movie theater.

    2. People are so rude!!! Why was your comment necessary? Like, people really have problems and very bold of you to comment that behind a screen where no one can hurt you. That’s weak behavior.

      1. ?????? completely agree… Why day anything at all.

  8. Um.. It’s physics.. Zero to do with planets aligning,, moon or sun.. Could have done this as far back in time to when a broom was invented..

    1. People are so rude!!! If that’s the case, educate without putting others down. Just by the tone of that comment, I can tell you think the woman who wrote this, is just plain dumb. News flash, not everyone had the same experiences as you, therefore not everyone knows all of the same sh*t as you

      1. You wouldn’t believe what I just saw my broom do! It swept the floor while someone operated it! Glad the earth axis was sitting right for my floor to be cleaned!

      2. You’re just looking for something to be offended by. That comment wasn’t rude at all. You’re just reaching