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Someone Didn’t Make The Cut For The ‘Friends’ Reunion And Fans Are Angry

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Soon after the trailer for the ‘Friends’ reunion episode was dropped, a mixture of emotions including happy tears and anger surfaced social media.

The full list of A-list guest star celebrities was recently released and fans can’t get over the fact that one celebrity didn’t make the cut.

Even though hundreds of thousands of people are excited the six friends are back together, Friends devotees can’t help but notice one celebrity who was not included in the reunion.

Actor Paul Rudd has been the talk of the town because fans are angry he didn’t make the list of guest appearances.

Courtesy of @radzmatazz

For those of you who are familiar with the show, the male actor joined the hit show in its ninth season as Mike Hannigan, who was a love interest for Phoebe Buffay played by Lisa Kudrow.

The character Mike Hannigan quickly grew popularity with fans and even eventually tied the knot with Phoebe in the final series, which is why it comes as a complete shock to fans that Paul Rudd will not be returning!

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Many fans of the show went on Twitter to express how they felt about the guest star list and if you don’t believe me just check Twitter, people. are. not. pleased.

Courtesy of @ryry_legge

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