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‘Divorce Cakes’ Are Totally A Thing And I Can’t Quit Laughing!

I know, divorce can be a super ugly thing, but it can also be a good thing for some people. I know for me it was a great thing.

dadsovercoming – Instagram

Sometimes we rush in to things with the wrong people. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Alandala Facebook

For me, divorce was just part of my story and a huge part of my life and becoming the person I am now.

virella_sweets – Instagram

Each part of our life plays a role, even the hard ugly parts. I mean, I got an amazing daughter out of that part of my life, so it was definitely worth it!

kezzy_creations – Instagram

Divorce cakes are getting popular as more people part ways. (50% of marriages are ending up in divorce, damn 😬) would you get a divorce cake for a friend/family or is it a time to mourn and reflect?

kezzy_creations – Instagram
Alandala Facebook

When I came across these images of divorce cakes I was laughing so hard! I just had to share them with you all too!

stephiebakescakes – Instagram

It isn’t just men or women that are celebrating with divorce cakes. Both are choosing this route as closure and new beginnings.

sweetrootscakery – Instagram

I want to add, if you made it through 2020 and all of the struggles that came throughout the year, then I think you probably have a pretty solid marriage!

teescakesandpastries – Instagram

And to those that didn’t make it through the year with your marriage intact… here’s to a new beginning and brighter days! You can do anything, be happy!

Alandala Facebook

One of the funniest cakes I’ve made in a while. This was ordered by the couple who are divorcing to “celebrate” together

pdotcupcakery – Instagram
pdotcupcakery – Instagram

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