Hostess Released Iced Lemon Cupcakes and Now It Feels Like Spring

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I don’t know about you, but I am ready for winter to be DONE. Today I found out that Hostess released limited-edition iced lemon cupcakes and I have to hunt them down!


I mean when I think lemons, I think of Spring! Lemons make me think of sunny days spent outdoors.

Hostess is a brand that takes me back to being a kid. Combine that with the flavors of summer and I am in heaven! I remember getting so excited when my mom would pack a Hostess CupCake in my school lunch!

I mean, why wasn’t this already a thing? If you ask me it was long overdue!

So far the Hostess Iced Lemon Cupcakes have been spotted at Jewel-Osco.

But, usually, Walmart carries the limited edition Hostess cupcakes and products as well. I’ll definitely be on the lookout!

Hostess did confirm with PEOPLE that they were available at grocery stores nationwide until March 15th while supplies last! I also spotted them on Amazon here. So you better hurry and stock up on what is sure to be a new favorite!

Each box contains eight individuality wrapped CupCakes with a suggested retail price of $2.99. Not too bad for a slice of Spring!

Credit: nolookie__bok

This isn’t the only limited-edition cupcake that Hostess has out right now! They released limited-edition Mermaid CupCakes!

They also brought back the Mint Chocolate CupCakes and Strawberry CupCakes, so be sure to look for those as well! Personally, I think these should all be available all year long! You’re with me on this right? I think with some backup we can make this happen.

So could we also get a Key Lime CupCake? Pretty pretty, please? I mean that totally screams summertime! I am beyond ready for that! Bye-bye winter! We are DONE! I’m just going to stuff my face with sunshine snacks!

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