Converse Wedding Shoes Exist For The Most Comfortable Wedding Ever

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I did it at my wedding! Comfy shoes are the WAY TO GO on a day that is already as stressful as it is beautiful.

Courtesy of Converse

Converse now has a line of wedding shoes for the bride who wants to forgo the heels during the ceremony!

Courtesy of Converse

Don’t get me wrong, heels are pretty and traditional, but MAN are they uncomfortable for the length of time you have to parade around in them!

If I’m going to have the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, it’s going to include comfortable shoes!

Courtesy of Converse

You can get them solid white, you can get them white with the Converse black accents, you can get them with “Wifey” pronounced for all to see, you can even get cute little embellishments. I love them ALL!

Courtesy of Converse

Comfy meets dainty. You can’t go wrong here.

Courtesy of Converse

If you want to be a little edgy, you can even go for a black pair. I’d totally do it!

Courtesy of Converse

There are some genius people that have taken matters into their own hands — buying “Chucks,” and then adding their own little magic touches. I’m not lying, I’d wear these on a daily basis! Ha!

You can, of course, go to your local shoe store, and pick up a pair of Converse shoes. OR, you could go straight to their website to check out their selection, and pick up a pair or two!

My FAVORITE idea is to have the wedding party all wear Converse shoes. I mean, the ladies may want to wear heels — but, why would they?!? Especially if they are in dresses where you can’t see the shoes, anyway!

Constructed with the latest and most innovative shoe technologies, Converse are built for all-day wear, so you can dance late into your wedding night in complete comfort. Say “I do” in style and pick the silhouette that is best suited for your big day with low and high top styles or get some added height with our women’s platform silhouette.


I am totally going to need to see your Instagram pictures, if you decide to go comfy on your wedding day. I simply LOVE it!

You could TOTALLY wear one of these AWESOME Disney Princess wedding dresses, with your pair of Converse! Coolest. Wedding. Ever.

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