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This Drama Over An $80 Cake Is Giving Me Life Right Now

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I’ve never been so invested in a story about cake in my entire life. LOL!!

ICYMI, there has been a fight brewing on TikTok, and it centers around a cake.

Yes, cake. Like that sugary treat that kids spit all over at birthday parties when they blow out the candles.

See, this bakery — Kylie Kakes Dessert Bar & Cafe in Princeton, WV — made a specialty cake for a customer.

It was an eight-inch, six-layer rainbow cake that the customer was buying off an ad she saw on Facebook.

Only, according to Kylie Allen, the owner of the bakery, the customer didn’t like the looks of the cake when she showed up to pick it up.

I mean, if I was spending $76 on a cake, I’d expect it to be pretty much perfect as well.

First of all, the cake was covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Kylie said the customer seemed shocked that it had rainbow sprinkles on it.

Upon arrival, she seemed to be really surprised that the cake was covered in sprinkles. We explained to her that all of her signature rainbow cakes are decorated this way.

Kylie Allen

I wonder what it was, exactly she thought she was getting?

Watching Kylie’s video on TikTok, you feel kinda sorry for her.

BUT, hold up.

There’s more to the story.

Ashleigh Freeman — the woman who bought the cake — responded to Kylie’s TikTok video, and #CakeGate became a thing.

She even posted her own TikTok video in response to Kylie’s TikTok video, and it shows the cake she actually received when she went to pick it up.

Im an idiot. I didn’t want to ruin her business, tried to squash the beef and she said no — She wants to be tiktok famous, not a bad idea. But I can actually make decent content.

Ashleigh Freeman

Y’all. This is one jacked-up cake. It looks like the work of a crafty toddler.

Sure, it’s covered in rainbow sprinkles, which in and of itself isn’t bad.

But then, there’s globbed-on white frosting on the top where the “Happy Birthday” message is written.

#CakeGate2023 — The Rainbow Cake Edition

On top of the white frosting — which looks like someone added in an extreme hurry — you see the words “Happy Birthday Trilby” in black lettering.

It is the actual writing that is the problem, here.

Does it look professional to you? Because, it definitely does NOT look like a professional baker wrote that message.

Look at it. That’s the problem — If it looked nice, if it looked like quality work, I would gladly pay 90. But if it looks like shit, no ma’am.

Ashleigh Freeman

There was more to the story — like Kylie banned Ashleigh from coming back to her establishment (I’m pretty sure she wasn’t going back anyway!).

But, it’s the responses that are giving me life.

That cake looks like she dropped it after she finished decorating it, but tried to salvage it because she didn’t want to bake another one

TikTok Commenter

Saw her video and felt so bad for her yesterday. Immediate regret now that I’ve seen the cake. I can’t even.

TikTok Commenter

There is even a trending hashtag on TikTok — #CakeGate2023 — where people are making their own versions of the disaster that is the rainbow cake.

LOL! It’s all very entertaining.

I know these are real-people’s lives, but they kinda brought it on themselves, right?

kylieraeallen / afreebird

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