People Are Freaking Out That McDonald’s Sells $9 Birthday Cakes And No One Knew About It!

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If you’re one who is always skeptical with what you read online, trust me when I say that the proof is in the pudding, or frosting if you will.

People are going haywire over the fact that apparently, McDonald’s has been quietly selling Ronald McDonald birthday cakes.


The birthday cakes are so far on the down low, that even a McDonald’s employees had no idea what customers were ordering when TikTok fans were rolling up to the drive-thru window asking for one order of a “Mcbirthday cake”!

But truth be told, the McDonald’s cakes are very real so without further ado, here’s introducing Ronald McDonald birthday cakes!

Now if you’re searching for a fancy cake for a special occasion, this cake is probably not the best choice since the cake itself is represented in a plain white cardboard box.

Upon opening, you’ll find a bright white chocolate cake with trimmings on every side and Ronald McDonald happily dancing in the center of your cake while juggling outlined in red.


did you know McDonalds sells cake? @biggest_backhoe420 @meggypooxo #featureme #foryou #mcdonalds

♬ Lemon – N.E.R.D

Talk about kicking it old school when you bring this cake home for a celebration!

The cakes are currently going for just $9 but if you thought these cakes are at every location, I hate to break your heart.

Unfortunately these cakes seem to rely heavily on location when it comes to availability, so fingers crossed if your birthday is coming up soon and you’re craving a chocolate Ronald McDonald cake!

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