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New Emoji’s Are Coming To Your Phone Soon!

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If you’re the queen of emoji, then you anxiously await the arrival of new ones. Well, wait no more, because some of the coolest emojis of all time are coming to your iPhone soon!

Emoji 12.0 is the newest set of emojis (according to emojipedia, because of course there’s a pedia dedicated entirely to emojis) set to release this year. While lots of them are updates of emojis we know and love, there are some new (and awesome) emoji about to make their way to a phone near you.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the flamingo (rumor has it it’s starting to hit some android devices now, with Apple soon to follow.

Some of them are a little more– shall we say offensive than others?

And of course, I am SO EXCITED about the little couples coming to the emoji. (The first one represents me and the hubs, blonde hair and everything!)

I love the new animals!

Here are ALL the new emojis (or is it just emoji? Is the plural of emoji emoji?) coming our way!

230 new Emojis are coming, with a tentative iPhone release date of October 2019, and Android should see the full list in August.

That sloth, though.

Photo Credit: Emojipedia

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