Crocs Is Suing Walmart, Hobby Lobby, And Other Companies For Copying Their Shoes

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Crocs have been taking the world by storm lately! And now they’ve decided to fight back against copycats.

The shoe company has officially filed four trademark infringement lawsuits in several US district courts against about 20 companies that they claim are are violating its trademarks and other intellectual properties on the shoes.

In one of their statements about Walmart, they are expressing that Walmart is selling cheaper knockoffs of their $50 clogs under a variety of different names, such as “Time and Tru” and “George.”

In the same lawsuit, Crocs cited Hobby Lobby’s $12 “white foam clogs ladies shoes” as an alleged knockoff of its original clog shoe.

The Crocs company claims that these copycat items can cause confusion and therefore are “likely to cause confusion or mistake, or to deceive customers, and therefore infringes Crocs’ trademarks.” (makes sense)

A shoe that used to be such a joke to people is actually one of the most popular shoes now, and they are taking all precautions now to keep their status.

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