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Brendan Fraiser Wins His First Oscar for Best Actor and He’s So Deserving Of It

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This is the win of the night at the 95th Oscars that everyone was waiting for…

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Brendan Fraiser has won an Oscar award for best actor in a leading role for his performance in The Whale.

Honestly, this has been a long time coming and if anyone is deserving of this award, it’s Brendan Fraiser.

In case you didn’t know, Brendan has recently made a comeback after being gone for many years due to health problems, family issues and many other obstacles in his life.

After watching interviews with Brendan, you will realize just how much of a big heart Brendan has and how Hollywood treated him unfairly.

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I’ve truly loved seeing Brendan make a comeback and so many others have as well.

And it’s official – Brendan has won his first Oscar for his role in The Whale which is no surprise because he has received standing ovations and other awards for his performance in this role.

Congrats Brendan, you are so deserving and the entire world is welcoming your comeback into Hollywood with open arms. Now bring us a Mummy sequel!!

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