Nobody Can Figure Out The Answer To This Optical Illusion

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Remember the dress that broke the internet on whether or not the stripped piece of clothing was blue and black or gold and white?

Courtesy of @CJSkuse

Another optical illusion has taken its place and oh by the way, the dress was always blue and black.

The viral illusion that has social media users fighting against one another has taken the internet by storm and rather than a piece of clothing, it’s a drawing of an animal.

Courtesy of @jk_rowling

Surrounded by a pink border and an ombre of colors including blue, green, and purple, the drawing of said animal is outlined in purple.

Courtesy of @Baddiel

The post which was originally shared with a caption stating two choices you might see include a fish or a mermaid.

The caption also stated for those who favor the right side of the brain will see a fish, and those who are left-brained should see a mermaid.

The confusing part is not only the drawing but the two choices given in the caption on what we should see outlined in the drawing considering many individuals like J.K. Rowling who have looked illusion, have yet to claim a picture of a fish!

Courtesy of @jk_rowling

As the picture has grown in popularity, most people are claiming to see a mermaid or a donkey and if you’re asking me, I see a donkey, but I also see the tail of a mermaid, so maybe a mixture of both?

Courtesy of @wossy

What do you see?

Leave us your answer in the comments below!

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