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This Buddy The Elf Marshmallow Mug Is The Cutest Decoration For Christmas

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I may be behind the times here, but there is the cutest decorating trend, and it’s totally adorable!! You simply get a marshmallow mug, and put a topper on it. It doesn’t sound as cute when I try to explain it, but just check this out.

I told you!! It’s just about the cutest thing to exist in the realm of decorating!

Now, since it is already Christmas in my world (It starts after Labor Day!! Ha!), I have been perusing the Christmas-themed marshmallow mug hats, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!


Just about my favorite Christmas movie of all times is Elf, and Buddy Elf is totally my jam. He’s so simple, pure, and totally adorable!!

I have been holding out on the marshmallow mug hat trent, but when I saw this one, I dove in head first!!

Gah!! It’s so stinkin’ cute!!


OMG! This hat has made my week! It’s just the best thing ever! Absolutely adorable! And the little collar is just the right added touch. Thank you!

Etsy Reviews

This Buddy Elf Marshmallow Mug Hat is handmade by HandmadeZumee on Etsy.


I just LOVE that Etsy is all about supporting small businesses!

They use acrylic yarn to make the Buddy Hat (includes hair) and the Collar Coaster, and I NEED it!!


PLEASE MAKE SURE : all my mug hats are size for 2.75”x 2.75” marshmallow mugs . There are smaller size mugs in the market. Please make sure your mug size before place an order.


Each of these Buddy the Elf Hat and Collar sets run $17, and you can bring them out year after year!


It is very important to note that you are NOT buying a mug here. You are only getting the Buddy the Elf hat and collar.


You can get your own Buddy the Elf Marshmallow Hat and Collar from the HandmadeZumee shop on Etsy.

I am so impressed with the quality of the workmanship! Such unique designs! Fast shipping & careful packaging. I’m in love with both of the mug hats that I purchased! Highly recommend! I will definitely order again in the future!

Etsy Reviews

If you need a Marshmallow Mug with which to adorn your favorite seasonal hats (or they are called toppers), you can find them on the Amazon website. They are very reasonably priced as far as mugs go!!


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