Build-A-Bear Just Released An Ursula Bear That Sings The Song “Poor Unfortunate Souls”

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Banished from King Triton’s palace seeking revenge who turned into a villain, an underwater sea witch has surfaced from her sea floor lair into a Disney inspired huggable stuffed bear.

Thanks to Build-a-Bear, Disney’s sea witch Ursula, is now part of the Build-a-Bear stuffed animal’s collection!

Courtesy of @buildabear

The conniving half-woman, half-octopus who strikes deals with unfortunate “merfolk” with the promise of making their dreams come true, features bright purple fur, spiky white hair, overly used blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, and a cunning smile, similar to the animated character in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

The included black and purple tentacle dress that makes the stuffed bear even more realistic to the character in the film, the Sea Witch stuffed bear also has a song she sings.

Courtesy of @WDWDisneyDiva.com

Dubbed the “Poor Unfortunate Souls” song, her singing tune can be played when you press on her paw.

Courtesy of Build-a-Bear

You can currently find the Disney inspired singing Ursula on Build-a-Bear’s website for $58.

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