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This Wicked Cool Animated Skeleton Owl Is The Perfect Addition To Your Haunted Collection

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It’s almost that time of year when we celebrate all things Jack O’ Lantern, enjoy all the Pumpkin Spice goodies, eat bags and bags of candy, and decorate with all things scary.

At the top of the creepy decoration list are all the cool skeleton things we have found to create the perfect haunted experience.

Home Depot

There are Skeleton Dogs, Skeleton Fish, 12-Foot Human Skeletons — and now we can add spooky Skeleton Owls to the list!


You can create the perfect boneyard in your front yard. It will totally freak out all those trick-or-treaters this year.

A wise woodland creature, this Animated Owl Skeleton wards off scary ghosts and trick-or-treaters during Halloween! 


This Animated Owl Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop is 14 inches high, and would be perfect sitting on your front porch to greet all your Halloween visitors.

He (she?) has eerie LED glowing red eyes that stare you down while he moves his head back and forth to size you up as prey.

He moves his head as his glowing eyes stare down his prey, hooting at those who pass by. 


You want to be sure and keep this away from water. That means either using it as an indoor decoration, or keeping it on a covered patio away from the rain.

This Animated Skeleton Owl is sound activated, which means it will begin its spooky magic when those trick-or-treaters come to the door.


Pose his wings and legs in your homemade haunted house and give a fright to your costumed party guests


This Skeleton Owl will only cost you $32, and you can totally use it year after year.

You can get your own Animated Owl Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop on the Target website.

Target / hauntjaunts

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