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IHOP Has Raspberry Cannoli Crepes For A Limited Time and I Am On My Way

IHOP has come out with a Raspberry Cannoli Crepe, and my mouth is watering!

I’m pretty sure IHOP has never come out with a bad piece of comfort food, because let’s face it, their menu is made up ENTIRELY of foods that comfort the hell out of me!

Courtesy of IHOP

We KNOW IHOP is KNOWN for their pancakes! HELLO — They are the International House of Pancakes, after all. Just look at that maple syrup dripping of those fluffy cakes of heaven. IHOP really knows how to get me to my happy place.

But, this Raspberry Cannoli Crepe is next level, man. Just wait for the description, you are going to die.

Courtesy of IHOP

A delicate crepe filled with sweet ricotta cream with chocolate pieces topped with raspberry topping, crunchy cannoli pieces, chocolate chips, whipped topping and a dash of powdered sugar. 

Courtesy of IHOP

I definitely couldn’t eat these everyday, but I could totally enjoy the decadence of these crepes at least once! That’s a good thing — because these are LIMITED EDITION! That gives me EVERY reason to go there and get some NOW.

Courtesy of IHOP

You can get these crepes by themselves. An order includes two crepes, and cost around five bucks.

Courtesy of IHOP

Or you can get them as a meal. That means you get ONE Raspberry Cannoli Crepe, TWO eggs, hash browns, and TWO strips of meat — all for about nine bucks.

Is your mouth watering yet?

You can totally go in, sit down, and enjoy this limited time offering. Or, if you want to get-it-and-go, you can order straight off the IHOP website!

Just make sure you GO GET IT, before it is gone! You don’t want to miss out on this delicious Raspberry Cannoli Crepe.