Hershey’s Is Releasing Sugar Cookie Kisses For The Holidays and I Want Them Now

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It is never too soon to be looking forward to the holidays — prove me wrong.

Is it possible to be in love with a product? According to CandyHunting on Instagram, Hershey’s is coming out with a Sugar Cookie Kisses flavor just in time for the holiday season.


No, these are not yet available in stores, but CandyHunting has never disappointed. If they say something is on its way, you may as well be waiting for it.

These Hershey’s Kisses have been found on the Meijer grocery website, but they aren’t searchable, yet. So, don’t head on over there and try to search for them. They won’t show up.

Trust me. I tried for far too long to find them. They are unfindable.

The package describes these Kisses as sugar cookie flavor, white cremé, with cookie pieces. I just drooled a little.

These sound so stinking amazing!!


I’m a HUGE fan of the Candy Cane variety of Hershey’s Kisses that come out during the Holidays — I always stock up for the whole year. I can only imagine I’m going to love this Sugar Cookie variety just as much!!

Courtesy of Amazon

If you want another tasty flavor of Hershey’s Kisses, you have GOT to get your hands on a bag of these Vampire Hershey’s Kisses. Y’all. They are so good.

Courtesy of Hershey’s

If you are a fan of the sugar cookie — first of all, we are soul mates — and did you know you can now get this Pillsbury Confetti Sugar Cookie Dough? I’m hooked.


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