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There Is Another New COVID-19 Symptom And This Time It Has To Do With Your Eyes

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Guess what — there is ANOTHER new symptom of the coronavirus, and it has to do with your eyes.

Ah, COVID. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. From no sense of taste and smell, to COVID tongue, to crazy fatigue, joint pain, and foggy brains.


It seems like EVERYTHING is a COVID-19 symptom, and now there is ONE more symptom that we can add to the list.

A new study published in the journal Radiology has found that COVID-19 can do ocular damage in critically ill patients.


That’s right, COVID can wreak havoc on your eyeballs.

Doctors have verified this with MRI scans, which show cross sections of different parts of your body.

What they are finding on the MRI scans are “one or more nodules in the back part — of the eyeball.”

The patients that they are finding these nodules on had the coronavirus pretty severely. They were all admitted, for a time, into the ICU for COVID.

The nodules are happening in the macular region — the part of the eye that deals with your central vision.

As to why the eyes suffer damage as a result of the virus, researchers aren’t sure. However, they believe it could be related to inflammation triggered by the virus. 


Now, it is very easy for the nodules to go undetected, but then cause problems for you at a later time.

That is why doctors are urging people to get ocular screenings.

Basically, they say that if you have had a severe case of COVID, you should get an MRI to detect any abnormalities in your brain region, including your ocular area — or eyeballs.

This whole thing can be prevented by NOT getting the virus. That is why it is SO important to do your part to stop the spread.

Wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, quarantine yourself — you know, all the things you’ve been told to do in the last year of this mess.

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