The Pioneer Woman Shows Us How To Cut Up A Pineapple And She Makes It Super Easy

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I want to be Ree Drummond — The Pioneer Woman — when I grow up. She is definitely #goals.

Now, Ree is showing us how it’s done when it comes to showing a pineapple who’s boss, and I’ve been making it too hard my entire life.

She has skills.

Pineapple isn’t usually a fruit I just pick up and buy at the grocery store. It is pretty daunting — those leaves, that spiky skin. It scares me.

I go for the pre-cut pineapple 100% of the time. LOL!!

But, now that Ree Drummond has shown us the easy way to cut up a pineapple, I’m sold. I’m ready to make that pineapple my b*tch from now on.

How The Pioneer Woman Cuts Up A Pineapple

This is how I’ve cut up a pineapple since I was 18 months old. Well, or however old I was when I first cut up a pineapple. I’m sure there’s a more intuitive way to do it but this has worked fine for me for the past twelve decades or so.


First, Ree starts with a super sharp knife. That’s really important to the process.

Then, she cuts the top and bottom of the pineapple clean off, and discards those bits to the side.

Now, she sets the pineapple upright, and starts methodically slicing off the spiky rind pieces from top to bottom.

Once Ree gets rid of those pokey rind parts, she gets to slicing the fresh pineapple in long pieces.

She cuts out that hard center, gets rid of it, and then slices remaining pineapple into cubes.

Voila!! Perfectly cut up pineapple.

Excuse me while I grab my keys and run to the grocery store.

You can watch The Pioneer Woman and her pineapple cutting skills HERE.

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