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Pumpkin Snack Boards Are The Hot New Food Trend For Fall

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It is almost that time of year when we put on our favorite Boho Shawls, drop a whole paycheck on bags of Halloween candy, bust out the Fire Pit to roast marshmallows, and celebrate all things fall and PUMPKIN!!

I absolutely adore this new fall food trend, and I’m planning a pumpkin themed party NOW just so I can try my hand at creating one of these adorable Pumpkin Boards.

I’ve tried the charcuterie board, the french fries board, the pancake boardwaffle boardS’mores board (YUM!!), and even a few birthday boards, but I have yet to try this fun take on the Halloween food board.

The beauty about these boards is that you can let your creativity fly!

You just need to gather up all the orange, brown, yellow, and black foods you can imagine, and then arrange them all into a cute Jack O’ Lantern design.

These boards can be full of healthy foods, foods made for kids, treats made for adults, or even boards full of not-so-healthy fare.

Cookies? Yes!! Cheese? Yes!! Nuts? Yes!! Jellies? Yes!! Candy? Yes!! Crackers? Yes!! Dried fruit? Yes!! Fresh fruit? Of course!!

Whatever sounds yummy to you, just arrange it on the board.

As long as you can pick it up with your fingers, a toothpick, or a small spoon, you can add it to your board. Heck, if you want to add something you have to spread with a knife — go for it!

There is only one rule — the theme must be the Jack O’ Lantern (or pumpkin)!!

You could totally make this for a fun party, a family get-together, or just because it’s Tuesday night. The kids will LOVE it!!

Now, I do have one little request. When you make one of these cute boards, I HAVE to see the pictures!

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