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You Can Crochet This Super Cute Boho Shawl That Comes With Pockets

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Any beginner at crochet can make this Über cute boho shawl with pockets. It’s so adorable, I almost can’t stand it!

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

I am a total boho chick. The more boho the better when it comes to attire that I put on my body. It’s how I feel comfortable, and I’m not going to apologize for it, so there. Ha!

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

When I saw this crochet shawl, I almost had a *SQUEE* moment — but I’m too cool for that (I’m totally not. I SQUEEed away.).

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

Then I saw that this was not a finished piece, but a crochet pattern. My heart sank. I am not talented enough to pull off a pretty pattern.

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

But, then I read into it. You only have to be a beginner, and know how to do a half-double-crochet. Which I DON’T know how to do, but the description says they even have basic directions for the HDC.

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

Y’all. I can totally do this! And, if I can, you sure as heck can!!

I wonder how quickly I can have one made? Because this would be the PERFECT gift for so many people in my family!!

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

You could totally make it as fancy or as simple as you want, just by the yarn that you choose to use. Then, when you are done, you could even embellish your shawl with — I don’t know — whatever embellishments go on shawls. LOL!! They HAVE to have some, right?

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

This crochet shawl pattern is rated as EASY — suitable for a confident beginner. It uses standard US English crochet terminology. It has been tested for clarity and accuracy by a professional crochet designer.

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

You can get the pattern at the KnotYourselfOut shop on Etsy, and it will only cost you 6 Bucks!!

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

This is a PDF pattern, so as soon as you pay, you will be able to download your boho shawl pattern, and get to crocheting.

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

I better see pictures when you are done!!

Courtesy of KnotYourselfOut

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  1. How can I buy the KnotYourselfOut? I don’t have the time to crochet, but I don’t mind paying for one or two made. Thank you in advance

  2. Why put how nice it is then get the pattern for6$, I can pretty much do it without a patter.

  3. Do u have a back picture not sure how far it goes

  4. Is there a different yarn that you can use besides the Lion Yarn I could use to make this with? I can not find the Grand Canyon color. It’s sold out every where. I would love to make this but don’t know what other yarns that would work well with it.

  5. Is this pattern available for knitting?? Love it but can’t crochet

  6. anyone care to share the pattern so we all dont have to pay, if I had it I would ???

    1. @Amie,

      It’s copyrighted. Pay the designer or make up your own pattern.


  8. You have to contact the shop directly. We are not affiliated with the shop in any way. We just thought it was pretty darn cool! 🙂

    You can get the pattern at the KnotYourselfOut shop on Etsy, and it will only cost you 6 Bucks!! https://shopstyle.it/l/bkFT8

      1. I bought the pattern 2 days ago and still waiting for an email with the pdf file for the pattern????

  9. I would like the instructions to make this.

  10. Please let us know where we can get this pattern!!! My BF wants one and I would like to get it and done by Christmas