Pretty Much Everyone Agrees That Cats is Absolutely Insane

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Have you seen the movie Cats? If you’re on the fence, this might change your mind and get you off the fence so to speak…


Pretty Much Everyone Agrees That Cats is Absolutely Insane and I have to agree.

I specifically didn’t read any reviews before I went to see the film, because I didn’t want to spoil the “magic.” I should have read the reviews.


I thought, “It’s a hit Broadway show. It’s going to be great!”

Not so much.


At one point, I just rolled my eyes and said out loud, “Why?!?”


I thought about just leaving the theater, but I wasn’t going to make the film defeat me.


So, now I read the reviews, and it looks like I’m not alone in my misery.


If you’re approaching this Broadway classic for the first time, well, this might not be the cinematic catnip you’re expecting.

Bob Hoose, Plugged In

Mostly, “Cats” is a confusing litter box of intentions, from its crushed-velour aesthetic to its strip-bar sensuality to its musical cluelessness.

John Anderson, Wall Street Journal

Cats is an insane musical experiment gone wrong. It is truly like nothing cinema has ever seen. The question is, is it something cinema actually wanted?

John Nugent, Empire

Why? Why in the world do the cats have human hands and a such surreal human faces? It is actually a bit like my nightmares. How do they poop? They don’t have little kitty anuses. I don’t understand why they are so tiny sometimes, and not others. Why do some of them have shoes and clothes, and some don’t? Why do I feel like I’m watching a bit of cat porn?

Then Rebel Wilson unzipped herself and stepped out of her fursuit and proceeded to consume hundreds of tiny human/cockroach composites she trained to dance for her amusement. There’s no coming back from that.

Alex Cranz, Gizmodo

My head hurts from this onslaught of theatrical wreckage. At least I’m not alone.


I’m not going to say DON’T go see this film — but you have been warned.

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