McDonald’s Retro Happy Meal Toys Are Back And I Want Them All

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The Happy Meal is 40 years old can you believe it? I know I can’t!


To celebrate, McDonald’ is bringing back some of it’s most iconic Happy Meal toys!! Does anyone remember the FURBY?


For ONE WEEK ONLY — from November 7th – 11th — you can get a random toy that comes right out of the McVault*.


I’ve got my little heart set on Patti the Platypus from the 1997 collection!


So many of us have grown up on the McDonald’s Happy Meal, and will remember every one of these retro toys. It’s like my childhood came back to visit!

Get ready to enjoy your 4-piece McNuggets or your McDonald’s Cheeseburger Happy Meals for lunch, and get one of these fun reminders of your youth. We won’t tell anyone that you’re in your car playing with your Happy Meal toy!

It’s okay to eat lunch and dinner at McDonald’s for a week, right? I have to get my hands on all of these!

Who remembers the McNugget Buddies collection? Gah! So adorbs!

Happy Anniversary, Happy Meals! Thanks for giving us 40 excellent years of spectacular toys.


Get ready for the Cowboy McNugget Buddy, the Fireman McNugget Buddy, the Mail Carrier McNugget Buddy, Hamburger Changeable, Grimace, Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable, McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird, Hamburglar, Power Rangers, Space Jam Bugs Bunny, Patti the Platypus, 101 Dalmatians, Tamagotchi, My Little Pony, Furby, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey.

*I’m pretty sure I made up that word.

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