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Brian Laundrie Has Been Missing Now For A Week. Here’s Why It’s So Hard To Find Him.

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Today officially marks the day that Brian Laundrie went “missing” a week ago.

Moab PD

Now, we all know that he is likely on the run and that his parents helped him get away because they failed to report him missing until Friday of last week giving him 3 days to run.

Moab PD

Nonetheless, Brian Laundrie has seemed to have vanished and nobody knows where he is.

Some have reported sightings in Alabama, others are claiming he is making his way to Mexico.

But where is he? Why has there been no sign of him? And why can’t investigators figure out where he is?

I mean, how does a man that is that largely wanted (wanted as in people want him caught and questioned) and a man with possibly no money and no way to travel, how can he get so far?

You think he’d be using credit cards or debit cards or at the very least, someone would recognize him.

If he is on the run, he is needing a form of transportation, food, water and possibly needing somewhere to sleep, right?

Well, they have resumed the search for Brian but the search continues in Florida. Maybe they have information that he is there that we all don’t know about?

As of this morning, the North Port Police are searching for Brian on the Venice side of the Carlton Reserve, a 25,000-acre nature reserve, they said.

So, if police think he is on that reserve, then what is taking so long?

According to reports, in a place like a nature reserve, foliage and the lack of sunlight affects visibility, according to Chris Boyer, executive director of the non-profit National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). The night can also hamper efforts, especially if the person being sought has no source of light or fire.

An evasive person is more than likely wearing clothing that helps them blend in with their surroundings, Boyer said. In order to avoid being seen by helicopters or drones, an individual may also crawl in creek beds and avoid leaving tracks — such as footprints, trash or evidence of a fire.Boyer said technology like night vision goggles, drones and thermal sensors could help in pinning down a person’s location.


That entirely makes sense. It’s just odd that he could survive in the wilderness for a week with just a backpack (what his parents said he left with). I mean, what about food? Water? Shelter?

This entire case is so strange and I hope he’s found soon because we all know he’s guilty AF and Gabby needs justice!

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