Beauty Influencer Mikayla Nogueira Is Being Accused of Faking Her Accent

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TikToker Mikayla Nogueira is under fire once again from the internet.

And this time, it’s about her accent.

Courtesy of @mikaylanogueira

Fans on TikTok are currently accusing the makeup influencer of faking her accent in TikTok videos as an old video of Mikayla resurfaced before she was famous and speaking without an accent.

Although some fans have argued that her accent is only missing because it may be her customer service voice.

Courtesy of @mikaylanogueira

“That’s a customer service voice. Relax people,” commented one user.

Courtesy of @mikaylanogueira

The informational video shows Mikayla speaking about the college she used to attend, Rhode Island’s Bryant College.

The resurfaced video on TikTok has since gathered millions of views.

While some fans believe Mikayla has been lying about her accent, other have argued in her defense.

Many TikTokers have also related to Mikayla about having to tone down their own accents in the past before.

Courtesy of @mikaylanogueira

Mikayla, originally from rural Massachusetts has talked about her accent in an old livestream online and has stated that she’s been made fun of her entire life for the way she speaks.

Courtesy of @mikaylanogueira

“It’s not a fucking Boston accent, I’ve already said that,” said Mikayla. “It’s a fucking redneck accent from where I’m from.”

Mikayla Nogueira
Courtesy of @mikaylanogueira

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