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Can We Please Talk About ‘WandaVision’ and How Confusing The First Few Episodes Are?

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Okay, who’s watching WandaVision out there? Talk to me!

Courtesy of Marvel

I will admit. I watched episodes one and two, knowing NOTHING about the show — I hadn’t even seen the trailer — and I was left saying, “HUH???”


Then I watched both episodes again, and I caught some of the little nuances that I had missed the first time — little looks the characters give each other, flashes of things that seem in stark contrast to the wholesome feel of the show, and little Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout.


Keep reading to find out more about those Easter Eggs!!


So, if you don’t know what WandaVision is, it is a MARVEL show — although if you go into it blindly, it REALLY doesn’t feel like part of the MCU in the first two episodes.


It debuted this week on Disney+, and it, along with The Mandalorian, is one of the first new and exclusive content shows on the streaming giant.

My husband had to enlighten me to the fact that both Wanda and Vision appear in the Marvel movies.

I didn’t even know THAT, although I have seen every Marvel movie out there!


In the movies, Wanda is The Scarlet Witch, and she doesn’t really have a specified power. She can pretty much bend reality to her will.


Vision is a robot man — like a cyborg, kind of — who can pass through walls, he can fly, he is really strong, he is extremely smart — and he is also dead in the MCU timeline.


So, WandaVision begins just like any other wholesome black and white show from the 1950s — think I Love Lucy, meets Bewitched, meets The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Courtesy of Marvel / Disney+

Wanda and Vision are married, and seem really happy together. BUT, they don’t actually remember getting married — or anything in the past, for that matter.


They both have unexplainable powers that they try to hide from the other characters in Westview — the town in which the show takes place.

It seems very important that Wanda and Vision seem as “normal” as possible to the outside world.


Things aren’t normal at all, however. We keep hearing a voice trying to communicate with Wanda. This voice keeps asking her who is doing this to her.

There are also a couple flashes of red sprinkled throughout the episodes — the toaster light flashing red, the toy airplane that Wanda finds in the bushes is red, and the blood from the neighbor cutting her hand on a glass is red.

Courtesy of Marvel / Disnney+

Not only do we see splashes of red — Spoiler Alert — in the final moments of episode two, Wanda is all of a sudden unexplainably pregnant, and everything flips to color.

Courtesy of Marvel / Disney+

You might be left saying, “What in the –“. I’ll admit, I was thrown a bit.

In the show, there are SO many Easter Eggs that quite possibly point to moments in the Marvel comics — the toaster in the kitchen is made by Stark Industries, there is a wine bottle with a logo that points to Wanda’s House of M comics, the date of their anniversary is quite possibly related to episode 238 in the comic book world of Avengers, and I’m sure the plane in the second episode is a nod to something — I just don’t know what.


I KNOW there are about a million and one other things that I didn’t catch. I’m going to have to watch it AGAIN, to see what else I have missed.

OMG. There is so much underlying to this show, and I can’t wait to see how it all ties together!!!


What are YOUR thoughts and theories?


I have a friend who said that this is Wanda’s way of coping with Vision’s death in the movie. She had to create this alternate universe to keep from going mad. It very well could be!!


Y’all, if you haven’t started watching WandaVision, go NOW. Get Disney+ if you don’t have it, and WATCH THIS SHOW!!


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