Aldi Is Selling Bottled Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Cola And We Are Here For It

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My day just got better! All of these new ready made drinks coming out have the lazy drunk in me jumping for joy.

Not that I’m a drunk, because I’m not even close. I just enjoy the occasional cocktail without the work, because I am actually kind of lazy.

This drink from Jack Daniel’s is called Black Jack Cola and it comes in a glass bottle, which is my favorite way to have a drink!

This a bottled whiskey and cola drink and I hope I can try it soon!


I feel like I need to get a second refrigerator to store all of these premade drinks that I have come across lately. Like the Bacardi Rum Cocktails and the Absolut canned vodka drinks!


From what I can tell, this flavor isn’t a new one…but I had never had it before. What about you? Have you had this or even spotted it anywhere?


Black Jack Cola comes in a six-pack and has a 4.8 percent ABV. This is part of Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails line. It is said to be similar to a whiskey cola with a lemon-lime twist.

The Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails are available in a variety of flavors and I have had some of these in the past. They were definitely good! I especially liked the Lynchburg Lemonade.

I also want to try the Southern Peach! I also have never had the Cherry Limeade. Those sound so good! Which is your favorite?


If your local Aldi doesn’t carry this you can find it at major retailers and liquor stores. I looked online and it looks like I can pick one up around the corner at the gas station (QuickTrip).

You can check your area on the Jack Daniel’s website to see where they are being sold near you.


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