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Giant Letter Shaped Planters Are The Hot New Trend In Outdoor Decor and I Need Them

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If you’re looking for something different and unique to decorate the front of your home, these giant letter-shaped planters are where it’s at!


You could fill them with colorful flowers, succulents, or make a nice herb garden to spice up things in the kitchen.

The first initial of your last name filled with beautiful living plants would definitely be an eye-catcher in the neighborhood.


You can buy the giant wooden initial planters premade, or totally DIY them for yourself.

No time to DIY… no problem because you can buy your letter planters on Etsy!


The premade initial letter planters measure about 4 feet tall and about 2.5 feet wide depending on the letter shape.

I really love this! I have gotten so many compliments on it and I haven’t even put flowers in it yet. High quality craftsmanship. Thank you!

Kristina Kramer  – Etsy review

These premade letter planters are made with cedarwood, which is an excellent choice for outdoor wood decor.

You do not have to paint cedar, but you totally can if you want a splash of color.


The letter was sturdy and well made and looks beautiful. We filled it with hardy succulents and have it sitting near our front window. Very pleased!

Alisha Arrington  – Etsy review

You can purchase these amazing giant letter-shaped planters on Etsy from KnottyKraftsMN!

Alisha Arrington  – Etsy review

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