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Anna Delvey Has Been Detained In New York Pending Deportation

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Anna Sorokin, the fake heiress and subject of the show Inventing Anna, was thought to have been deported back to Germany, but that hasn’t actually happened, yet.

She is actually being held up in a New York detention center and is “pending removal.”

Okay, what REALLY happened is that Anna refused to leave the airport (surprise) while her lawyer filed a motion to stay the deportation decision.

Though Sorokin’s deportation was delayed, it wasn’t canceled, and Der Spiegel reports that U.S. authorities are trying to secure a new date for her departure — presumably after the window for her to appeal expulsion closes on Saturday.


Manny Arora, Anna’s attorney, said that Anna has spent nearly a year in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. He had not been able to get ahold of Anna, nor had anyone heard from her on Monday — which is unusual.

He assumed that Anna, who conned both friends and businesses with her claims of being an heiress, had indeed been deported.

Legally, they should not be able to deport her until the 19th. That is due to the deportation order being signed on February 17 and that allows us to have 30 days to file an appeal.

Manny Arora statement

Anna, after her infamous court case, was released on parole more than a year ago. Six short weeks later, she was taken into custody for overstaying her visa.

I’m not even surprised.

She appealed to stay in the U.S. and was scheduled for a hearing April 19, but she is currently in New York, pending deportation.

We are dealing with bureaucracy, and there are numerous filings in her case so you just never know if there was a paperwork error. I haven’t heard from Miss Sorokin this afternoon, and so I am working under the presumption that she is being deported.

Manny Arora statement

Anna Sorokin Is Involved In Another Lawsuit Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines.

Anna, who served four years in prison for hustling and attempting to defraud banks and hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, was recently part of a class-action lawsuit against ICE for refusing to give Covid vaccines to inmates.

She claims that she contracted COVID-19 after ICE refused multiple requests for a COVID booster shot.

Does it even surprise anyone that she is in the middle of another lawsuit drama?

Inventing Anna

If you haven’t yet seen Inventing Anna, which you can find on Netflix, you HAVE to go check it out.

This chick was GOOD at what she did, and she was actually able to swindle friends, financial institutions, and businesses out of money, vacations, clothes, places to stay, and so much more.

It is FASCINATING to watch. It is amazing how one young woman could do so much financial damage.

You can see a trailer for the show below.

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