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A Woman Announced Johnny Depp is The Father of Her Baby During The Trial

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What in the world is really going on?

Now we have women claiming Johnny Depp is their baby’s daddy?

I can’t even imagine what was going through his head when a random woman held up a baby and claimed it was Johnny Depp’s child!

This literally happened in court during the Johnny Depp defamation trial against Amber Heard on Monday.

She just stood up, with the baby in her arms, and said it was his baby.

The crazy incident happened during a break in today’s court session and was not broadcast live since the cameras were not on at the time.

Angenette Levy of Law & Crime saw it happen and said it was crazy.

All of a sudden, this woman… she stands up at the back of the courtroom with her baby, and she says ‘Johnny I love you, our souls are connected.’

Angenette Levy of Law & Crime

When the woman said she loved Johnny, he did turn and wave to her, but she continued and held up her baby while saying “This baby is yours”…

She was quickly removed from the courtroom and she later admitted that it “was a joke”, but dang lady… I think he has enough to deal with right now!

The deputy was like ‘You’re outta here,’.

Angenette Levy of Law & Crime

Angenette Levy of Law & Crime tracked the random woman down and the woman said that she and her husband had planned the whole thing as a joke and that “…and thought it would be funny.”

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