There’s A Deadly Substance Kids Can Order On Amazon. Here’s What Parents Need To Know.

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There is something very dangerous that you can get right from the Amazon website for less than 20 bucks, and it can be deadly.

And, get this, your kids could even purchase this unsafe substance, and you may never even know they have it.

Sodium nitrate, also known as “curing salts” or “pink salt,” are usually used to preserve meats (think lunch meats, bacon, and jerky).

There is nothing wrong with swallowing a very small amount of sodium nitrate.

Home cooks do not have to worry about using pink curing salt, as the amount of nitrite in cured meats is not harmful or toxic at all.


There are, however, some frightening symptoms of ingesting sodium nitrate. “It has been linked to the development of heart disease and diabetes,” and in high doses it can cause gastrointestinal symptoms (like nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping).

Warning: If you are triggered by death, you might want to stop reading.

There is a more sinister effect of ingesting these curing salts. Super high doses can cause death.

Now, overdosing on sodium nitrate is rare, and usually accidental. But, it can actually be used for self-inflicted death.

There was recently an incident where 19-year-old actor, Matthew Mindler, committed suicide by purposely ingesting a large amount of these salts.

This is super scary, because it is hella easy to obtain sodium nitrate.

Buying sodium nitrate isn’t like buying illegal drugs that can catastrophically harm you.

Matthew Mindler got his sodium nitrate right off the Amazon website — had it delivered with no questions.

Not only can you get it on Amazon. Anyone can walk right into Walmart and buy this dangerous substance.

So, moral of the story, have those tough conversations with your kids. Know that this substance is out there, and warn them of the dangers associated with it.

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  1. Nice to know I don’t need a gun, but just a $20.00 purchase from Amazon to get this miserable life of mine to finally end.

    Excellent. I’m done with all the setbacks and failures.

    I look forward not having to deal with this terrible planet.

    Take a look around and you must agree with me.

    Most people don’t have the courage to commit suicide.
    Bunch of pusillanimous wimps. Come on everyone, grow a set and get it over with.

    I admire everyone who has, as it is a resounding rejection of this terrible world.

    We were not asked to be here. I look back on my entire life, and there have been only a few good days, and the rest has been a fight, a struggle, and I’m tired of hoping tomorrow will be better.

    Well, it’s not going to be better.

    I have a pretty good idea that all of this is just an illusion, and I’m tired of being a bit actor in someone’s movie, where I don’t even get paid for my part.

    What a waste of time.
    I see no point in this world being here. It should be nothing for 4 trillion years.

    Nothing. Void.
    That is far more preferable than this raw deal I’ve been dealt.

    Hanging. Gunshot. Antifreeze. Fentanyl.
    Sodium nitrite.
    Maybe I should try all of them at the same time?
    Yeah. I like that.

    Let’s see- fentanyl pill first. Sodium nitrite dissolved in ethylene glycol, with a Jim Beam & Coke to wash it down, then I hang myself from the balcony, and as I dangle with my eyes bulging and feet kicking, I put a hollow point bullet in my brain for good measure.

    I hope that makes the evening news and gets a few people to smile.

    At least I accomplished that.
    Always wanted to make the news, and make people smile.

  2. Thanks for the Sunday plans Amanda, without you I would never know.

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