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Jelly Belly Has Released A Gummy Candy Version Of Their Favorite Flavors And I Have to Try Them

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Jelly Belly is the front runner when it comes to jelly beans. I am obsessed with their buttered popcorn flavor. I could eat that every day!

So it is no surprise that they are expanding their empire with more products, and I am stoked to try this latest addition!


Jelly Belly Gummies are hitting the shelves and I have to find some like…now. They have regular gummies as well as sour gummies options!


The flavors included are Very Cherry, Lemon, Berry Blue, Green Apple, and Orange. But I am sure if these do well, we’ll be seeing some of the crazier flavors eventually. I would be down to try a gummy buttered popcorn flavor!


These have been spotted in various locations, so they should be available at typical grocery stores and convenience stores. If you found some, let us know where you got yours!


Which flavor are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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