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People Are Giving Themselves ‘Coronacuts’ and It’s The Best Thing on The Internet Right Now

I’m pretty addicted to Instagram. I watch Leslie Jordan over there daily, if you haven’t checked out his daily quarantine posts then you are missing out!

Now I have been obsessed with a few hashtags that have popped up due to the stay-at-home orders.

The ones that give me the best amount of laughs are:




You’ll want to follow them because they do not disappoint. I mean, we all need something to laugh about right now, right?

A literal bowl cut y’all… They straight up put a bowl on his head and cut his hair.

And this guy… “Babe STOP! It’s MY hair“… oh lawddddd! The finished cut wasn’t half bad though!

Ummm… Yea, that is gonna need some help later on!

Where is Edward Scissorhands when you need him? I doubt that the coronavirus would keep him away!

I am seeing mullets galore! It almost feels like the 80s around here! Seriously, check out this glorious mullet!

This girl let her roommates have some fun before she shaved it all off, this is where I am headed personally. Make sure you click through the series haha!

I could go on all day with this! This wife did her husband’s hair on Facebook live and people started using him in memes!

Now, I have to add… there are a ton of people that did amazing jobs on their haircuts!! And even if you did jack it up a bit, it’s only hair! It grows back! Have fun with it!