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Dunkaroos Pancakes Are Here and It’s Basically A Party In Every Bite

Delicious? Yes! Mouthwatering? Of course.

Dunkaroos pancakes exist and I just checked my calendar to make it sure it wasn’t April Fools Day!

Courtesy of @snackscavenger

If you thought pancakes were only for kids check again, because you can now make Dunkaroos pancakes to satisfy your morning hunger, and who says we can’t pair the fluffy stack with a cold glass of wine for us adults rather than a tall glass of milk.

The complete kit features Dunkaroos pancake mix and the similar rainbow sprinkles frosting typically found in the original dunking snack.

Add water or milk, pour in the pan, flip, and stack!

Courtesy of @dunkaroos

Of course these pancakes are fluffy in texture and crazy colorful which means we’ll never make pancakes without sprinkles or frosting ever again!

Courtesy of @itsme_jaedon

Substitute whipped cream for Dunkaroos’ vanilla frosting because we wouldn’t want it any other way; we’ll take four pancakes to go please! 

Courtesy of @dunkaroos

You can find the complete Dunkaroos pancake kit at Walmart to gobble up in seconds at home to share, or not to share; we vote not!

Courtesy of @snackscavenger