Saturday Night Live Has Banned Live Audiences Due to The Spike in The Omicron Variant

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Oh no, I really hope 2020 is not about to repeat itself…

Places everywhere seem to be closing back down or limiting the amount of people they are allowing due to the spike in the COVID-19 Omicron Variant. The latest victim, Saturday Night Live.

As you know, SNL usually has a live audience during their skits and recordings but as of this past week, SNL has decided to ban live audiences and they are now back to working with a limited cast and crew.


In case you didn’t know, SNL is filmed in New York and just like with the COVID-19 spike in cases, they are now seeing a huge spike in the Omicron variant causing businesses all over the state to close down or go back to strict guidelines to stay open.

The SNL cast in particular, are back to wearing masks and must be tested to ensure they don’t have COVID-19.


The important things to remember here are, SNL is doing the right thing here because we must protect Paul Rudd at all costs!

In all seriousness, this sucks but I am happy to see SNL doing the right thing.


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