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These Color-Changing Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Will Make Your Front Yard Look Merry And Bright

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You can get Color-Changing Fiber Optic Christmas Trees to put in your front yard this holiday season.

And, they are absolutely gorgeous.

These Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are solar powered. They are going to charge during the daylight hours, and then glow up to 10 hours once the sun goes down.


They have 5 layers of “branches” that sort of waterfall down from the center of the tree that are made to replicate the look of a real Christmas tree.

I love the attention to detail they have done with these Fiber Optic Christmas Trees.


These are gorgeous. Brightens my flower garden. Makes my garden pop at dusk. Will purchase as gifts for people who asked where I purchased such beautiful solar lights.

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Each tree has a cute little star on top that glows bright, just like you’d find on top of the Christmas tree in your house.

These Fiber Optic Christmas Trees are color changing, so they are going to constantly glow between 7 different colors: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Green, and White.


Now, don’t expect these Fiber Optic Christmas Trees to be huge lawn ornaments.

They are 33 inches from the tippity top of the star to the stake at the bottom.


The color changing is beautiful, makes me think of fireworks.
The build quality is nice, solar panels seem very durable, and they were super easy to assemble.Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend them

Amazon Reviews

Wouldn’t your yard look so great with several of these Fiber Optic Christmas Trees lining a walkway or garden?!?

The great news is that these trees are weather resistant, so they are perfect to keep in your yard during the harsher winter months.


These Fiber Optic Christmas Trees run only $27, so you can pick up a couple trees for the price of some of your regular Christmas yard decorations.

To get your own Color-Changing Fiber Optic Christmas Trees, just head on over to the Amazon website.


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