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This Felt Christmas Tree Is Perfect For Kids To Play With This Holiday Season

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You can get a Felt Christmas Tree for your kids to decorate all season long.

I don’t know about you, but in my house, the kids always wanted to play with the ornaments on the tree.

Of course, touching the ornaments on the tree always elicited shouts from mommy to, “Stop touching that!!”

They’re kids. They just want to have some holly jolly fun, right?


Now, you can put a Felt Christmas Tree on your wall, and the kids can decorate it to their little hearts’ content.

I would have loved something like this when my kids were little!!


This unique & special White Felt Christmas Tree for kids is the perfect way to create their holiday statement.


As you can imagine, this Felt Christmas Tree is super easy to assemble.

You just put it up on your wall. Easy peasy.


Then, when it’s time to take it down, it folds flat for next year.

This Felt Christmas Tree comes with a bunch of Felt Ornaments that kids can use to decorate and move around the tree.


You can get this Felt Christmas Tree for $26, and can use it year after year.

To get your own White Felt Christmas Tree, head on over to the Amazon website.

p.s. You can get a Green Felt Christmas Tree HERE.


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