After Binge-Watching The Entire Second Season Of The Witcher I Am So Upset

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Ok, before you come for me, I overall LOVED the second season. Other than the fact that we had to wait SO FREAKING LONG FOR IT!

*spoilers ahead*


My biggest upset, by far, is the fact that it was SUCH a short season and once again left on another huge cliffhanger that we’re probably going to have to wait forever on AGAIN.


And yeah, sure, we see the softer side of Geralt with all his Witcher buddies…but then half of them die. But his NUMBER ONE COMPANION gets slaughtered. R.I.P. Roach. It’s the only death that made me cry.


And yeah, it was sweet to see Geralt long for Yennefer and think she’s dead just to find out she’s alive and they have a lovely reunion. But now, thanks to her stupidity, she’s actually ‘dead’ to him. Team Gennefer always.


The positive side is that we got to see Ciri grow up and become a total badass. But that poor girl has had nothing but bad luck. I just want to give her a hug. What did you think of the new season?


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