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You Can Get A Boho Hammock Swing and I Need One

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Relaxing outdoors could only be made better with a hammock just like this! You can have the total boho look with this Brazilian macrame hammock!


It is made from 80% sturdy cotton and 20% polyester fiber. Quality construction to make sure it lasts a long time. Soft and comfy!

I have this on my second story patio. It’s incredibly breathable in the Texas heat. Its so comfortable, I couldn’t ask for more out of this… But there is. We recently had 60 mph winds and tornadoes touch done near me. This thing didn’t budge. 10/10 will purchase again, but won’t need to because it will last forever.

Amazon customer

It’s large enough for 2 adults to use at one time! Measuring at 95 inches by 50 inches. The soft thick cotton can hold up to 450 lbs of weight too! You could pile a ton of kids on there!


I would love to have something like this! I have a dreamhouse in my head with a large wrap around porch. Something like this would be perfect in that space.

You can use it indoors like in a bedroom or den, or outdoors in the yard, on the porch, or on a patio area. Anywhere you put it would be amazing. Just be sure to bring it in during bad weather.


Although I wouldn’t nap with the two of us in it my husband and I, both 6’+ and about 300lbs were in this thing!!! I got some tree straps from Mallome for around my trees and it’s been amazing! My pitbull and I love to take naps in it regularly. theres also non of that “is this thing sturdy enough” creaking you sometimes hear from other hammocks or chairs… or anything really when you’re a bigger person.

Tayln – Amazon reviewer

It comes with a carry bag so that you can take it with you for camping or hanging out at the beach.


I love the fringe detail on this deluxe hammock swing! It can be hung between two trees, on a hammock stand or attached between any two stable items.

You can get your own RISEON Handmade BOHO Large Brazilian Macrame Fringe 2 Person Double Deluxe Hammock Swing Net Chair on Amazon for only $85.98!


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