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Amazon Is Selling Grinch Feet You Can Attach To Your Christmas Tree During The Holidays

The Grinch who stole Christmas from Whoville looks like he didn’t learn his lesson the first time.

Courtesy of Amazon

The Grinch is back again (at least on Amazon), to steal perfectly wrapped presents, train station sets, red bows, glass ornaments and including the milk and cookies left out for Santa Clause.

Currently selling on Amazon are Grinch feet you can stuff in your Christmas tree for decoration on the holidays alongside the classic Christmas ornaments, candy canes, and red and green tinsel.

Courtesy of Amazon

These grinch feet make it look like the Grinch is stuck in the Christmas Tree after trying to steal presents from underneath the tree.

Go figure, considering this Grinch seems to never learn his lesson!

Courtesy of Amazon

So instead of your regular glass ornaments, big red bows and white lights, stuff the Grinch feet on the side of your tree or on the top for surprising decor when family and friends visit for the holidays.

You can currently find the Grinch feet on Amazon for $12.

Courtesy of Amazon

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