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Move Over Pancake Boards, Waffle Boards Are The New Food Trend For Breakfast

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Remember S’mores Boards you guys?! Well if you fell in love with that Charcuterie Board, the most recent one will have you drooling.

It’s perfect to make in the morning if you’re looking to cook up a big breakfast or later at night if you’re the host of a house party! 


Regardless of what time of the day you choose to make this Charcuterie Board, you will have a new found love with this common breakfast food.


Introducing WAFFLE BOARDS and yes my stomach just grumbled too! 


They are the hottest new food trend that can be paired with many different toppings; so if your head is stuck in the mud for ideas, here are a few ways to dress up your board! 


The good thing about waffles is that they pair well with most foods and you can start by adding the most common sides including butter, syrup and whip cream. However, we all know that we can do better than that! 


Fruit is always a good option, Bananas, Strawberries and Blueberries will not only taste delicious, but can add some color to your board.  


Chocolate syrup, Honey and creamy Peanut Butter is the perfect trio to put aside for dipping components. 


You could even try adding fried chicken because hey, who doesn’t love chicken and waffles?! Let’s be honest, it’s the perfect combo!


As you can see, the options are endless regarding what additions you prefer to include on your board. So while you’re in the phase of trial and error to search for the perfect Waffle Board, I’m going on Amazon to buy myself a waffle maker.


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