Move Over Cake, ‘Birthday Boards’ Are The New Way to Celebrate Being Another Year Older

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Skip the cake this year because ‘Birthday Boards’ Are The New Way to Celebrate and it’s like a big ol’ platter of birthdayness to be had!


You know how there are cheese boards, pancake boards and even french fry boards? Well, now there is one made just for your birthday!

These Birthday Boards are the crazy cool new trend that celebrates your birthday in a big way other than with cake and candles.

These boards are loaded with tons of tasty treats so you can have a little of all of your favorites for your big day!

Want cookies? Done. Cake? Done. Chocolate? Also done.

You want it – you get it on this birthday board.

All you need is a board of some sort (you can get a serving tray on Amazon here) and a ton of different desserts. Think cookies, donuts, candy, chocolate, etc. Oh, and sprinkles!

Then you just place it all on the board nicely and enjoy! You can even add candles for that extraness for your birthday.

I am totally doing this for my birthday this year. It’s one trend I can get on BOARD with ha.

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